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Contemporary Research and Associated Publications



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Sport and Training Influence Bone and body Composition in Women Collegiate Athletes 

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2010) 24(7) 1710-1717

The Perception of Heart Disease Risk in College Students and Cardiac Patients and its Relationship to Actual Physiological Cardiac Risk Markers

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Journal of American College Health.  (2003)  51(5): 207-211.


The Use of an Underwater Treadmill in Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2009) 14(9), 1808-1815

The Influence of In-patient Cardiac Rehab on Brain Natriuretic Peptide (Einfluss der Stationaren Kardiovasdularen Rehabilitation auf dad N-Terminal Pro Natriuretische Peptid B und die Leistungsfahigkeit bei 193 Kardialen Patienten)

Journal fur Sportmedizin.  (2007)  37(2/3), 63-72.

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Generalized Abdominal Visceral Fat Prediction Models for Black and White Adults Age 17-65y:  The HERITAGE Family Study

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The Effects of Estrogen Replacement on Abdominal Visceral Fat in Postmenopausal Women - The HERITAGE Family Study

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Morphological & Physiological Profiles of Incoming Division I NCAA Freshman Football Players

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